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West Coast Teltech Digital Phone

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What's This About VoIP?

VoIP and Internet Phone are other terms sometimes used for Digital Phone. They mean the same thing, it's just that techies came up with them, and to some people that makes it sound more complicated.

In fact, digital phone service works just like your regular phone only better! It's easy, and you can use the phone you already have. It's just a whole lot cheaper.

Introducing West Coast Teltech Digital Phone service: simply the most affordable phone service of the future available today. By using your high-speed Internet connection, you lower the cost of your phone solutions.

No need to bundle, most features are included such as voice mail, call forwarding and many more.

By switching to digital phone service, you can use your phone from anywhere in the world as if you were at home! All you need is a high speed connection and a special Internet-to-Phone adapter.

If you are traveling, you can take your phone with you, or use any of a wide variety of WiFI, USB, and portable phones with absolutely no roaming charges wherever you have an internet connection. You can even use software phones on your laptop or PDA.

Introductory Offer
Adapter types vary by availability. Not exactly as shown.

Order Digital Phone before the end of June, 2019 and you can receive an Internet Phone Adapter for FREE ($119 value)!*.

Call 1.888.720.8255 for details.

*Qualifying plans.

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